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I have just added the Amoena Energy Breast Forms to the range.  These provide the highest level of temperature control of any Amoena forms, and contain a number of unique features to help manage your body temperature.  

Trulife have just introduced a new version of their Connect (self Adhesive) breast form.  I have not yet seen a sample, but the literature seems to indicate it is a big improvement on their last effort.  Perhaps a serious contender for the Amoena Contact range.

I will let you know as soon as I have had a closer look.


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About My Shop

Hi I'm Geraldine Hurd - an award winning retailer and expert bra & breast form fitter.  I am also one of the few internet retailers who is confident enough to put my name and face on my websites.

After designing and selling lingerie for nearly 15 years, I have come to think of myself as a bit of an expert in all things frilly. I have designed ranges for some of the top brands, and have my own specialist lingerie shop. 

I have spent the last few years working primarily with ladies who have had breast cancer followed by a mastectomy or lumpectomy.  

I have set up Feminine Forms, to provide ladies with access to some advice and expertise across a full range of products. 

If you need any help or advice please call the advice line number and I will be delighted to try and help.

My other main business is my shop Betty and Belle.  We were recently recognised as being the Best Lingerie Shop in Britain, winning a national award for Excellence & Customer Service.  The award was presented to us by  Lingerie Buyer Magazine in conjunction with Stars Underlines Best Shop Awards.

This recognition is a great reward for all of my team at the shop, and the time we spend trying to help ladies look and feel their best.

If you would like to contact me either:

Call  07970 075964: Anytime, but preferably between 5pm and 7pm

Email us on: sales@feminineforms.co.uk

or complete the form below and press "Submit"

We would be really interested in any comments you have about the site, or any suggestions for improvements, or additional products you would like to see.  Unlike most website we built this one ourselves - so we can change whatever we want !

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