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I have just added the Amoena Energy Breast Forms to the range.  These provide the highest level of temperature control of any Amoena forms, and contain a number of unique features to help manage your body temperature.  

Trulife have just introduced a new version of their Connect (self Adhesive) breast form.  I have not yet seen a sample, but the literature seems to indicate it is a big improvement on their last effort.  Perhaps a serious contender for the Amoena Contact range.

I will let you know as soon as I have had a closer look.


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A great range of Amoena Breast Forms and Prosthesis

Amoena are a German manufacturer who only produce Mastectomy Breast forms and related lingerie.  This focus has enabled them to develop some great prostheses, and they have some really unique designs based on patented technology.  Amoena breast forms have been extremely successful within the NHS.

What makes these breast forms different ?

Comfort + Material

Several breast forms in the "Natura" and "Contact" ranges contain their patented "Comfort +"  technology.  This is designed to help manage the problem of overheating (and perspiration) by absorbing and removing body heat.  Amazingly, Amoena have developed it from NASA technology which was used to address similar problems with astronauts.  It consists of a middle layer of temperature balancing material at the core of the breast form.  This ingenious material absorbs excess body heat, and gently releases when you cool down.


I really like the "self-adhesive" Amoena contact range.  These have a sticky underside which is used to fix the form to your chest.  The adhesive is "permanent" and, after use, only needs to be washed in a cleansing solution to restore the stickiness.  I would not recommend that these be worn bra-less, but with a bra they are a great option, although you have to wait until your scar is completely healed.

The only real downside is that washing them with soapy water is really not good enough, and you do have to use the Amoena recommended products to maximise the life of the adhesive.


The Amoena Energy range provide the highest level of temperature control of any Amoena Breast Forms.  Raised "pearls" on the underside allow airflow, cooling the chest and reducing perspiration.  A film on the rear surface is infused with silver reducing bacteria build up by 99.9% and helping to minimise odour.  Energy Breast Forms are made of Amoena's lightweight silicone (making them 30% lighter), and they contain 30% more Comfort + material to maintain a constant comfortable temperature.


Amoena prosthesis come in three profiles.  These are annotated in the product numbers by 1 (shallow), 2 (average) , and 3 (full) as shown below.  So the Contact Light 2S - has an average ("2") profile.  The difference is how "full" the upper part of the breastform is. Please ensure you select the most appropriate one for you.

Breast Form profile image