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I have just added the Amoena Energy Breast Forms to the range.  These provide the highest level of temperature control of any Amoena forms, and contain a number of unique features to help manage your body temperature.  

Trulife have just introduced a new version of their Connect (self Adhesive) breast form.  I have not yet seen a sample, but the literature seems to indicate it is a big improvement on their last effort.  Perhaps a serious contender for the Amoena Contact range.

I will let you know as soon as I have had a closer look.


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Anita Prosthesis

Breast Forms and Partials by Anita

Anita is a long established specialist German supplier of lingerie, swimwear, breast forms and accessories.  They are based in Germany and have manufacturing sites throughout Europe and in the Far East.  I have worked with Anita for many years and have found their products to be of the highest quality.   I have never really worked out why their excellent breast prostheses are not available on the NHS, particularly as they have several patented designs which are really good.

They have very cleverly patented putting ridges into the back of breast forms (which means no-one else can copy them).  This is a great way for providing some very life like effects, as well as reducing weight.  Their range includes:

FlexGap Prostheses for natural movement

This is a unique patented system which ensures a more natural movement of the breast form.  It is created by having carefully designed deep grooves on the underside of the breast form, and allows it to flatten naturally when the wearer is reclining (just like the original breast tissue).  This gives a really natural feel and look to the form.

Ribbed Anita Breast Forms

These are ideal for swimming as the ribs allow water to quickly drain away, and ensure that the breast form is not pushed up while swimming.  The ribs also significantly reduce the weight.

Initial Care for the early days

I really like the Anita initial care range, as they allow the customer to insert fibre fill into the breast form, to slightly change its shape and profile.  This ensures you can pretty much get the shape you want.