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I have just added the Amoena Energy Breast Forms to the range.  These provide the highest level of temperature control of any Amoena forms, and contain a number of unique features to help manage your body temperature.  

Trulife have just introduced a new version of their Connect (self Adhesive) breast form.  I have not yet seen a sample, but the literature seems to indicate it is a big improvement on their last effort.  Perhaps a serious contender for the Amoena Contact range.

I will let you know as soon as I have had a closer look.


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Breast Forms for Darker Skin Tones

I have put together this section of the website to try to put together a collection of the best dark coloured breast forms that I could find.  I haven't found another comprehensive collection of darker prosthesis anywhere - so this might be a first !

I am just putting it all together, so any feedback appreciated.  If you already have a darker form, and really like it - then let me know and I will see if I can add it to the collection.  I will include the tawny breast forms from Amoena, Anita, and Trulife as a start.